MetroDrone™ is an All Purpose Practice Tool™ that allows you to work on many aspects of your musicianship all at once. This saves precious practice time as well as the following benefits:

  • Develop incredible speed and dexterity by thinking larger beats in time
  • Develop Contextual Ear Training ™ skills as you practice
  • Feel larger forms naturally without counting
  • Gain elasticity in your playing thus creating a more humanistic feel and groove.
  • Gain the ability to play with drummers that are playing metric illusion or other complicated patterns

The MetroDrone™ uses various musical sounds as it’s drone. Using a real instrument sound puts the metronome and the drone into a “musical context” thus making for more direct transfer to your musical memory.

The MetroDrones™ cousin is the Big Metronome™ which gives you larger pulses without a drone which allows you to work on:

  • Larger forms such as 32 bars
  • Forms that have key changes
  • Exercises to work on feeling odd rhythmic groupings, phrases and patterns.

Both the MetroDrones™ and the Big Metronome™ will revolutionize your musicianship in a short amount of time. The book Long Line Rhythm™ contains videos and other information to help you implement the use of both of these courses.

You can find out more about these books here or by reading the information on our home page.