What is a MetroDrone®?

MetroDrone® is called the All Purpose Practice Tool™ because it can do so many things simultaneously to improve your musicianship. This simple yet effective tool when used correctly can do wonders for your:

  • Sense of Time.
  • Ear Training Skills.
  • Ability to Feel Time Don’t Count Time™.
  • Sensing larger forms within music.
  • Give your sense of time a more elastic yet grooving feel.

Simple Exercises Done Right Can Transform Your Playing Ability!

All of this can be accomplished simultaneously by following some simple ideas that can be used by a beginner or super advanced musician. While the MetroDrone® contains the MP3s you can use anywhere the Long Line Rhythm® book contains a host of exercises to expand your feel for musical time and make your sense of time laser sharp.


The Long Line Rhythm® book gives you videos and a PDF to explain specific exercises that you can do to unleash the full potential of the MetroDrone®. By using the Long Line Rhythm® book and the sounds of real instruments supplied by the MetroDrone® you can take any exercise that you are currently doing and make it fit with the MetroDrone® beats. On top of this you can work with the recommended exercises which will:

  • Develop your Contextual Ear Training ™ skills
  • Teach you to sing what you hear in your head.
  • Give you hurricane velocity on your instrument.
  • Get you to Feel Time Don’t Count Time™

The MetroDrone® is Portable!

The MetroDrone® is available as an app and also as a series of MP3s. In both cases the MetroDrone® can go anywhere you go because you can put wither the app or the MP3s on your smart phone or tablet. Practice anywhere with or without your instrument. By following the directions in the Long Line Rhythm® book and the sounds of real in book you will quickly realize how many types of exercise you can do anywhere that you have a minute to listen.


If you find that you have problems with:

  • Hearing what key the scales and arpeggios you play are functioning in.
  • Fine that you speed up or slow down when playing.
  • Feeling larger forms such as a Blues when improvising.
  • Playing erratic when you just need to play in the groove.
  • Tensing up when playing.
  • Having to count all the time when you are playing.

Then the MetroDrone® and the Long Line Rhythm® book are exactly what you need to fix these issues.

Will it Happen Overnight?

No, but you will be surprised how quickly it does fix your problems because the MetroDrone®  can adapt to and be used in almost any exercise. Certainly it is excellent for:

  • Scale Practice
  • Arpeggio Practice
  • Pattern execution
  • Sweeps

Or you can use it to:

  • Feel larger forms
  • Help you not get lost when playing chord progressions or soloing
  • Feel more confident when playing with a drummer.
  • Learn how to relax as you play because you know to Feel Time Don’t Count Time™.

Want More Information?

Learn more about this fantastic All Purpose Practice Tool™ by following the links in on this page or clicking here.  You can also find out more information on our “About Page.”